These articles are written based on real situations of various people. I write new articles based on the requests that I receive. Feel free to contact me.

How to Request an Article

About toxic parenting and control (18 July 2019)
About living with uncertainty (16 July 2019)
About teamwork and duties (15 July 2019)
About awareness and communication (9 July 2019)
About desires and relationships (7 July 2019)
About emotional sensibility (6 July 2019)
About helping street beggars (6 July 2019)
About choosing a life partner (5 July 2019)
About relationships and life struggles (4 July 2019)
About family as social construct (28 June 2019)
About being part of a group (28 June 2019)
About relationships and communication (27 June 2018)
About personal things and control (22 June 2018)

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