About judgement and love

About judgement and love
(6 December 2019)

Judgement, as a process, has always been part of human life. With time, the objects of our judgement have changed from obvious things to subtle ones. But the process has remained the same. We judge in order to protect ourselves and much more. It brings us energy and pleasure. We feel superior to that which we criticize, but most importantly, we feel that we are different from it.

So what is judgement?
At first, we might say it’s an avoidance of something we don’t agree with. We might consider it superficial, we might consider it rightful and deserved, or just the freedom of speech. But lets look deeper. What is judgement?

When we judge, are we avoiding something, or are we attracted by something?
What seems to be avoidance at first, proves to be just a cover for a deeper attraction. The process of judgement can only take place when there is a separation in our mind. We must separate that which we love from that which we hate. Then we can criticize what we hate.
Are we judging because we avoid what we hate? Or are we judging because we get attracted by what we love? Can we know the difference? Lets observe the process.

What do we feel when we judge? Do we feel energetic? Where is that energy coming from?
With close attention, we can notice that our judgement is not only meant to destroy what we hate, but also to enhance the image of what we love.
We criticize superficiality because we honor authenticity. We criticize physical appearance because we honor inner character. We criticize ignorance because we honor awareness. We criticize others because we honor ourselves.
Our energy has always come from a source of love. What changes is the object of love, not the love itself. The process remains the same.

So why do we judge? If this process originates from love, why does it feel so negative? Lets look and see.
Is it really coming from the love of something? Or is it coming from the fear of losing the thing we love? What should we do with this fear?
Maybe, instead of trying to solve the judgement, we can find a way to deal with our fear. Maybe, instead of enhancing the separation between what we love and what we hate, we can create distinction without separation. Maybe there is a choice to be made, one we should choose carefully, not just for ourselves, but for everyone else.


If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes a transformation.

— Jiddu Krishnamurti

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