Request a New Article

All articles are written based on a real situations of different people who requested them.

You can request a new article by describing your own situation. It has to be something real, not hypothetical and not just a topic. Other than that, it is up to you what information you want to share with me. Just keep in mind that the more details I have, the more impactful the resulting article will be for you.

Everything you tell me is considered private and it will not be made public in any way. It will just represent the starting point for the article, as inspiration.
I do my best to make sure that what I write applies to as many people as possible. This way I also avoid disclosing your specific situation.
I take privacy quite seriously.

So, if you want to request a new article, I would need the context and some details of a real situation, lets say 10 sentences at least, the more the better.
It should to be in English preferably, to make sure I understand you correctly.

You can either write me at:
unfolded inquiry email
… or on Facebook at:
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