(February 2018)
What is a symbol ?

	What does your mind see
	while looking at me ?
	Does your mind really see me
	or me as imagery ?
	If your mind sees only me,
	for how long will that be,
	before transforming the me
	into me, imagery ?

What is abstraction ?

	Does your mind take all or less
	of that which it can address ?
	Does your mind always assess
	everything it can possess ?
	Does your mind avoid the mess,
	the complexity, the stress ?
	Is your mind stuck in this process ?

What is fragmentation ?

	What do you mean to compare
	when calling here and calling there ?
	What is that which you declare ?
	Are two images in pair,
	from the memory you bear ?
	Does your mind create despair,
	confusing the state they share ?
	Can you see what mess is there
	in the mind that's not aware
	of its own imagery ?

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