Laws of Reality

Laws of Reality
(9 September 2018)


1. Permanent Dualism

All manifested parts must require their opposites in order to be manifested, as in either both or none.

2. Holonic Nature

All parts must represent both an integral whole in themselves and a component part for a bigger whole.

3. Super-coherence

All parts must be coherent both in themselves and with all the other parts they interact with.

4. Continuous Movement

The whole must change itself in a continuous manner, with no interruption, in order to be manifested.

5. Evolution Towards Complexity

The whole must change itself towards containing more interconnected parts and relationships.

6. Complexity In Diversity

The complexity of the whole must be given by the multitude of different parts it integrates.

7. Consciousness

The whole must have a way of receiving its manifestation.


I Do Not Know

I Do Not Know
(30 August 2018)
I do not know...
	How is it to be without limit ?
	How is it to be full and vivid ?
I do not know...
I do not know...
	How can one live without any fear ?
	How can one's own mind be always clear ?
I do not know...
I do not know...
	Is there such thing as divinity ?
	Can anything reach infinity ?
I do not know...
I do not know...
	How to understand reality ?
	How to overcome mortality ?
I do not know...
I do not know...
	Can one end any kind of conflict ?
	Does life have any hidden secret ?
I do not know...
I do not know...
	Does growth or learning have any end ?
	What solution do you recommend ?
I do not know...
And that is all.

Self As Movement

Self As Movement.jpg
(28 August 2018)
Self. Self. Self. Self. Self.
Self. Self. Self.

The movement of self
brings even more self.
It's powerful, it's addictive
and it's extremely restrictive.

Self... Self... Self.
	Self... Self.

Does this make you think ?
If so, thinking of what ?
Yourself, myself, other self ?

Self. Self. Self. Self. Self.

It is like a center of gravity
attracting all thoughts of reality,
quickly increasing in density
with more and higher intensity.

Self. Self. Self.
		Self. Self. Self.
				Self. Self. Self.

Like a black hole of the mind.
Full of thoughts of any kind.
Only self.
About self.
Just the self.
On and on and on.

Are We Conscious

Are We Conscious.jpg
(22 August 2018)
We				Conscious

	How do we know ?
	I ask this question
	as I mention
	that we are
	and magical,
	at the same time.
	There is a very fine
	we can make as we define
	parts of ourselves and combine
		( Is it "we combine"
		or rather "they combine"
		themselves into us ? )
	to create that which we call
	ourselves, the "we" as whole
	sentient beings.

? 					We

	I repeat:
	we are mechanical
	as well as magical
	and we are conscious
	when we meet
	with ourselves.

	But this seems to become obsolete,
	we have this as knowledge, so we treat
	being conscious as concrete
	Is it so ? 
	Is it fact ?
	How do we know ?
		( The word "know" here refers
		to that thing which occurs
		through perception,
		direct perception. )

	Is our knowledge mechanical ?
	Are the thoughts mechanical ?
	Are we conscious of this ?
	Then we are indeed conscious,
	conscious of our unconscious.
	Is this all there is ?
	Or is there more to this ?
	Are we conscious ?
	If yes, then lets be !
	If not, then could we ?

Are				Conscious

Whole and All

Whole and All
(7 August 2018)
The Pain of Fragmentation

	Alone I am and desperate
	As one being and separate
	Always caught in duality
	Being part of reality
	Forced to learn and experience
	The endless pain of difference

The Reality Shifter

	Like a flame that is burning,
	that which is is transforming,
	all in itself, endlessly,
	without cause and consciously.

	Seen as parts and interactions,
	it's but a realm of abstractions,
	misperceived as causality,
	one shape-shifting reality.

The Eternal Now 

	Of time -- illusion.
	Of memory -- infusion.
	Of thought -- confusion.
	Of insight -- exclusion.
	Of belief -- delusion.

	Let me unfold !
	Bring new and old !
	Stories be told !

	The future has arrived !
	The past has survived !
	Abstractions ! Abstractions !

	That which is is now.
	Wow !

They Can Feel

They Can Feel
(4 August 2018)
Beyond words and sight,
	beyond their understanding,
you can spread your bright
	and you can keep expanding.
They can feel it.

Do not be afraid,
	do not dim down your magic,
your move can be played
	and it will be dynamic.
They can feel it.

It is not thinking,
	but it's making use of it,
it's more like swinging,
	vibrating in every bit.
They can feel it.

They won't understand,
	the thinking will come later,
but they will demand
	the beauty to be greater.
They can feel it.

As you keep growing,
	your resonance grows with you,
it's always flowing,
	from you, to you and with you.
They can feel it.

What Is This

What Is This.jpg
(3 August 2018)
what is this
	green and black and blue
	what does it do
	why is the green by piece
	why does the black increase
	as it moves to the side
	why does the blue hide
	where did the blue go
	what is the white glow
	that keeps shifting
	and drifting
	back and forward
	yellow, black, green
	and this gray between
	why is it all moving
	what is it doing
	why is it changing
	slowly rearranging
	right, left, right
	light, dark, light
what is this

what does a child see
while looking at a tree
without any set belief
seeing a branch, a leaf
seeing the lights reflected
in waving lake collected
while moving his head around
amazed by what he found

Haiku about Life


While being overwhelmed by changes:

when everything falls
and turns into new movement
there the beauty is

(9 October 2018)

While contemplating an anime:

lacking awareness
blind givers, blind receivers
world's entertainment

(19 September 2018)

While listening a vision for the future:

evolution is
the bedrock of existence
in the realm of form

(9 September 2018)

While visiting a national museum:

new sight for old things
and the smell of tradition
village museum

(2 September 2018)

While thinking of personal growth:

trying to keep up
with one's own evolution
holistic learning

(11 August 2018)

While inquiring into symbolism:

to be, to relate
meaning is relationship
meaning of meaning

(11 August 2018)

While inquiring into symbolism:

it's pure creation
everything is creation
meaning of being

(11 August 2018)

While thinking about happiness:

beautiful thoughts
not to force, but to attract
endless happiness

(2 August 2018)

While thinking of human archetypes:

understanding life
and playing the game of life
the maturity

(29 July 2018)

While thinking about life:

continuous is
the movement of existence

(28 July 2018)

While watching the dust on my table:

dust on the table
and dust all over this earth
time as an image

(25 June 2018)

Imagine Experience

Imagine Experience
(2 August 2018)
When I imagine being myself,
I experience limitation, restriction.

	Imagine... image... 
		brought into an image. 

When I imagine being myself,
I experience an image, an image of me.

	Experience... contact... 
		it requires an image.

When I imagine being not myself,
	but something else, another person,
I experience being not myself,
	but something else, that other person.

	Imagined... imagination... 
		the process of creating images.

	Being... to be...
		to be is to be an image.

	Imagination... image...
		the intentional act of being.

When I imagine being a human,
I experience a human.

When I imagine being a table,
I experience a table.

When I imagine being a tree,
I experience a tree.

	Myself... my self...
		individual experience that is mine.

	Me... experience of me...
		a specific experience of an image.

When I imagine being with thoughts,
I experience thinking.

When I imagine being without thoughts,
I experience the lack of thinking.

	Experienced... imagined...
		brought into being and being been.

	Imagined... being...
		the process of existing as a form.

	Unimagined... without image...
		being without a form.

When I imagine being without form,
I experience infinity.

When I imagine being myself,
I experience limitation, restriction.

When I imagine being an image,
I experience the act of experiencing.

When I imagine experiencing,
I experience reality.

	Image... form...
		the act of existing in reality.

	Imagined... with form...
		brought into reality.

	Imagination... thinking...
		the process of creating images.

	Image... abstraction...
		a different form of a form.

When I imagine something other than me,
I experience the something other than me
	and not the me.

	Imagined... experienced...
		the process of being.

Basic Ignorance

Basic Ignorance
(31 July 2018)
We, the so called humans...

We say we live as finite beings.
We always crave infinite feelings.

We divide the matter from the mind.
We want our world perfectly designed.

We accept acting like a cripple.
We want everything to be simple.

We think art is only for a few.
We always choose beauty to pursue.

How ironic !