Signify Me

Signify Me.jpg
(18 November 2018)
What is meaning ?
	Answer !
	And watch your answer screaming:
		Incomplete !
	But take a seat !
	And try to complete
		that answer !
What is meaning ?

What is it pointing to ?
	Every action that you do.
	Every moment that you face.
	Every object, single space.
	Every other, single you.
What is it pointing to ?

Could it be... ?
	Could everything signify...
		Me ?
	But what is me ?
	Or what is I ?
	What is the eye
		that can see ?
	Is it me ?
Could it be... ?

Me ?



While visiting a village museum:

taking the same steps
exploring the world again
the cycle of life
discovering the same paths
building new upon the old

(2 September 2018)

While thinking about learning:

beauty comes through change
continuous change and growth
world of multitudes
every human, every life
such a complex abundance

(25 August 2018)

While thinking about imagination:

our body doesn't know
what is thought and what is not
through internet we now share
limitless experience

(3 August 2018)

While inquiring into the theory of A-field:

where is knowledge stored
inside or outside of brain
organic wifi
knowledge, dreams, intuition
are accessed in the same way

(21 July 2018)

While analyzing the theory of A-field:

infinite knowledge
locally accessed through brain
theory of mind
states of consciousness translate
to brain configurations

(19 July 2018)

While reading a book on scientific paradigms:

old theories fall
as new theories emerge
conscious believer
between knowledge and chaos
there lies fear and resentment

(17 July 2018)

While thinking about the structure of reality:

how one sees oneself
how one sees the outside world
paradigms of mind
one understands them, but still
one forgets and is confused

(14 July 2018)



The It Plays the I

The It Plays the I
(25 November 2018)
The it plays the I.
		Oh! Marvelous acting !
It starts with a lie.
		A play of reacting
	to myself.

I am. I want. I do.
		Is it right ? Is it me ?
Two perspectives. Both true.
		I see and I agree
	with myself.

Distinction from the whole.
		Signify me, my world !
The I must have this role.
		Life will grow and unfold
	out of myself.

Many levels of thought.
		All signifiers, I see !
One makes sense, one does not.
		It is all about me
	and myself.


(11 November 2018)
We, the I, are the world.

	Perfect as it is,
		in full complexity,
	from all its degrees,
		with same intensity
	our world emerges. 

	Lacking the power,
		as naively desired,
	while perceived as sour,
		with all limits required
	our life emerges.

And here we are !
And here I am !

	I see ourselves as everything else.
	We think of myself as nothing else.
	How true I both are !

	From different levels, different dimensions,
	from different minds and different perceptions,
	we, I, see the world...
	But what do we see ?

	Do I see thought, do I see emotion ?
	Do I see senses, or the full motion 
		of my whole perception ?
	Do I see its direction ?

We, the I, can die.
I, as we, will not.

	There is no trace of doubt
		the finite will die. 
	The question is about
		who, what is the I.

	Body, soul, perception.
	Infinite intention
		of being.
	Am I not ?

	Matter or energy.
	Spirit or memory.
	Process or nobody.
	Or pure infinity.

	Every thought and every feeling.
	Everything that is revealing.
	Everything that will be not.
	Everything that we forgot.
	Every thing.

In the end,
	one question will remain:
		What is our intention ? 
	What will I contain ? 

The Path of the Sage

The Path of the Sage
(4 November 2018)
There I see 
	my world.
There I see 
	my self.
One and the same.
My life. My game.
I shall play
	one way,
	my way,
	with intention.

What is my intention ?
What do I want to see ?
In my world, what kind of me,
with intention, should I be ?
Is it a me of destruction ?
Or is it a me of creation ?
My world, my stage, has set.
My role, my life, has yet
	to be played,
	with intention.

Do I not fear death ?
On my last breath...
	What is that which dies ?
The me or the world ?
	What should I believe ?
The me or the world ?

It's a game of perception.
My world. My intention.
My life. My direction.

I am the world.
We walk together.
Now and forever.

Still Here

Still Here
(27 October 2018)
Moments passed.

Minutes passed.

Hours passed.

Months passed.

Decades passed.

Lifetimes passed.

I am
Still observing...
Still manifesting...
Still here.

The Art of Shaping Reality

The Art of Shaping Reality.jpg
(25 September 2018)

To lie or not to lie ?
What kind of lie to use ?
A distinction between two types of lies.


Distortive Lies – The Tools of the Bandit

= statements which are false and create distortion in the perception of reality.

They negatively impact those involved. They have negative impact on the receiver, which can vary from short to long term. The impact can be subtle. They have short term benefits for the sender, but with long term negative impact.
They are discarded every time they are identified.
They represent a destructive factor of reality.


Formative Lies – The Tools of the Alchemist

= statements which start as false and become true, shaping reality around them.

They can have both positive or negative impact, even combined, on all parts involved. Their impact can be for short or long term, most often long term.
They require an incubation period, during which they will be discarded if identified. After the incubation, their structure changes and they become fused with their context.
They represent a constructive factor of reality.



Regrounded In Unknown

Regrounded In Unknown
(23 September 2018)
Q: I want myself to be free !
A: You cannot. You'll always be.
Q: Free of pain. How to escape ?
A: That freedom is but a fake.
Q: But I want to know a map !
A: "To know" is the final trap.
Q: So how can I live like this ?
A: Seeing pain is such a bliss.
Q: What's the purpose of my fate ?
A: See the you that you create.

Beyond the Systemic World

Beyond the Systemic World.jpg
(13 September 2018)
this complexity
of life, world, technology
— incomprehension

this understanding
is merely conceptual
— interconnection

enjoying living
as unique human being
— new experience

all approaches can
be multidimensional
— new understanding

in control one is
of one's life, but why struggle
— life flows on its own

world is vast and beautiful
— self seen as movement

fear and anger can
be fully deconstructed 
— freedom, nothing else

when one is aware
of oneself, from inside out
— to be crystal clear

feeling of being
grounded and whole and complete
— such a difference

trying to survive
requires so much energy
— why live in such angst

of what lies beyond oneself
— desire to grow more

accept and include
abundance of any kind
— desire to hold more

evolution is
happening in the same place
— always here and now