While visiting a village museum:

taking the same steps
exploring the world again
the cycle of life
discovering the same paths
building new upon the old

(2 September 2018)

While thinking about learning:

beauty comes through change
continuous change and growth
world of multitudes
every human, every life
such a complex abundance

(25 August 2018)

While thinking about imagination:

our body doesn't know
what is thought and what is not
through internet we now share
limitless experience

(3 August 2018)

While inquiring into the theory of A-field:

where is knowledge stored
inside or outside of brain
organic wifi
knowledge, dreams, intuition
are accessed in the same way

(21 July 2018)

While analyzing the theory of A-field:

infinite knowledge
locally accessed through brain
theory of mind
states of consciousness translate
to brain configurations

(19 July 2018)

While reading a book on scientific paradigms:

old theories fall
as new theories emerge
conscious believer
between knowledge and chaos
there lies fear and resentment

(17 July 2018)

While thinking about the structure of reality:

how one sees oneself
how one sees the outside world
paradigms of mind
one understands them, but still
one forgets and is confused

(14 July 2018)



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