(11 November 2018)
We, the I, are the world.

	Perfect as it is,
		in full complexity,
	from all its degrees,
		with same intensity
	our world emerges. 

	Lacking the power,
		as naively desired,
	while perceived as sour,
		with all limits required
	our life emerges.

And here we are !
And here I am !

	I see ourselves as everything else.
	We think of myself as nothing else.
	How true I both are !

	From different levels, different dimensions,
	from different minds and different perceptions,
	we, I, see the world...
	But what do we see ?

	Do I see thought, do I see emotion ?
	Do I see senses, or the full motion 
		of my whole perception ?
	Do I see its direction ?

We, the I, can die.
I, as we, will not.

	There is no trace of doubt
		the finite will die. 
	The question is about
		who, what is the I.

	Body, soul, perception.
	Infinite intention
		of being.
	Am I not ?

	Matter or energy.
	Spirit or memory.
	Process or nobody.
	Or pure infinity.

	Every thought and every feeling.
	Everything that is revealing.
	Everything that will be not.
	Everything that we forgot.
	Every thing.

In the end,
	one question will remain:
		What is our intention ? 
	What will I contain ? 

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