The Path of the Sage

The Path of the Sage
(4 November 2018)
There I see 
	my world.
There I see 
	my self.
One and the same.
My life. My game.
I shall play
	one way,
	my way,
	with intention.

What is my intention ?
What do I want to see ?
In my world, what kind of me,
with intention, should I be ?
Is it a me of destruction ?
Or is it a me of creation ?
My world, my stage, has set.
My role, my life, has yet
	to be played,
	with intention.

Do I not fear death ?
On my last breath...
	What is that which dies ?
The me or the world ?
	What should I believe ?
The me or the world ?

It's a game of perception.
My world. My intention.
My life. My direction.

I am the world.
We walk together.
Now and forever.

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