The Art of Shaping Reality

The Art of Shaping Reality.jpg
(25 September 2018)

To lie or not to lie ?
What kind of lie to use ?
A distinction between two types of lies.


Distortive Lies – The Tools of the Bandit

= statements which are false and create distortion in the perception of reality.

They negatively impact those involved. They have negative impact on the receiver, which can vary from short to long term. The impact can be subtle. They have short term benefits for the sender, but with long term negative impact.
They are discarded every time they are identified.
They represent a destructive factor of reality.


Formative Lies – The Tools of the Alchemist

= statements which start as false and become true, shaping reality around them.

They can have both positive or negative impact, even combined, on all parts involved. Their impact can be for short or long term, most often long term.
They require an incubation period, during which they will be discarded if identified. After the incubation, their structure changes and they become fused with their context.
They represent a constructive factor of reality.



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