Beyond the Systemic World

Beyond the Systemic World.jpg
(13 September 2018)
this complexity
of life, world, technology
— incomprehension

this understanding
is merely conceptual
— interconnection

enjoying living
as unique human being
— new experience

all approaches can
be multidimensional
— new understanding

in control one is
of one's life, but why struggle
— life flows on its own

world is vast and beautiful
— self seen as movement

fear and anger can
be fully deconstructed 
— freedom, nothing else

when one is aware
of oneself, from inside out
— to be crystal clear

feeling of being
grounded and whole and complete
— such a difference

trying to survive
requires so much energy
— why live in such angst

of what lies beyond oneself
— desire to grow more

accept and include
abundance of any kind
— desire to hold more

evolution is
happening in the same place
— always here and now

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