Are We Conscious

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(22 August 2018)
We				Conscious

	How do we know ?
	I ask this question
	as I mention
	that we are
	and magical,
	at the same time.
	There is a very fine
	we can make as we define
	parts of ourselves and combine
		( Is it "we combine"
		or rather "they combine"
		themselves into us ? )
	to create that which we call
	ourselves, the "we" as whole
	sentient beings.

? 					We

	I repeat:
	we are mechanical
	as well as magical
	and we are conscious
	when we meet
	with ourselves.

	But this seems to become obsolete,
	we have this as knowledge, so we treat
	being conscious as concrete
	Is it so ? 
	Is it fact ?
	How do we know ?
		( The word "know" here refers
		to that thing which occurs
		through perception,
		direct perception. )

	Is our knowledge mechanical ?
	Are the thoughts mechanical ?
	Are we conscious of this ?
	Then we are indeed conscious,
	conscious of our unconscious.
	Is this all there is ?
	Or is there more to this ?
	Are we conscious ?
	If yes, then lets be !
	If not, then could we ?

Are				Conscious

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