Whole and All

Whole and All
(7 August 2018)
The Pain of Fragmentation

	Alone I am and desperate
	As one being and separate
	Always caught in duality
	Being part of reality
	Forced to learn and experience
	The endless pain of difference

The Reality Shifter

	Like a flame that is burning,
	that which is is transforming,
	all in itself, endlessly,
	without cause and consciously.

	Seen as parts and interactions,
	it's but a realm of abstractions,
	misperceived as causality,
	one shape-shifting reality.

The Eternal Now 

	Of time -- illusion.
	Of memory -- infusion.
	Of thought -- confusion.
	Of insight -- exclusion.
	Of belief -- delusion.

	Let me unfold !
	Bring new and old !
	Stories be told !

	The future has arrived !
	The past has survived !
	Abstractions ! Abstractions !

	That which is is now.
	Wow !

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