What Is This

What Is This.jpg
(3 August 2018)
what is this
	green and black and blue
	what does it do
	why is the green by piece
	why does the black increase
	as it moves to the side
	why does the blue hide
	where did the blue go
	what is the white glow
	that keeps shifting
	and drifting
	back and forward
	yellow, black, green
	and this gray between
	why is it all moving
	what is it doing
	why is it changing
	slowly rearranging
	right, left, right
	light, dark, light
what is this

what does a child see
while looking at a tree
without any set belief
seeing a branch, a leaf
seeing the lights reflected
in waving lake collected
while moving his head around
amazed by what he found

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