Haiku about Life


While being overwhelmed by changes:

when everything falls
and turns into new movement
there the beauty is

(9 October 2018)

While contemplating an anime:

lacking awareness
blind givers, blind receivers
world's entertainment

(19 September 2018)

While listening a vision for the future:

evolution is
the bedrock of existence
in the realm of form

(9 September 2018)

While visiting a national museum:

new sight for old things
and the smell of tradition
village museum

(2 September 2018)

While thinking of personal growth:

trying to keep up
with one's own evolution
holistic learning

(11 August 2018)

While inquiring into symbolism:

to be, to relate
meaning is relationship
meaning of meaning

(11 August 2018)

While inquiring into symbolism:

it's pure creation
everything is creation
meaning of being

(11 August 2018)

While thinking about happiness:

beautiful thoughts
not to force, but to attract
endless happiness

(2 August 2018)

While thinking of human archetypes:

understanding life
and playing the game of life
the maturity

(29 July 2018)

While thinking about life:

continuous is
the movement of existence

(28 July 2018)

While watching the dust on my table:

dust on the table
and dust all over this earth
time as an image

(25 June 2018)

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