The Choreography of Life

The Choreography of Life.jpg
(29 July 2018)
We, the world, are dancing.

	I am alive, I am aware,
	I am watching the world out there.
	And it feels like we both share
	something that's beautiful and rare.
	Have I seen this before, somewhere ?

	The wind blows,
	the water flows,
	the light glows,
	dancing in unison.

	in unison.

	Cosmic coherence,
		from stars to space,
		as far as we can trace,
	lucky in appearance,
		in many details.
	They all line up perfectly.
	Coincidence or certainty ?
	But how convenient,
	for us, the sentient !

	Cosmic dance
	with perfect stance,
	atom by atom,
	from cosmos to quantum.

	Thoughts, feelings, actions,
	perceptions, intentions,
	the will to do, the will to not,
	what we see, what we do not
	continuous are,
	through coherent persistence,
	the movements of existence,
	as one dance.

	Knowledge with multiple meanings,
	beliefs with multiple feelings,
	are building complexity,
	are building
	a complex dance
	with perfect stance.

	Who am I ?
	Why ?
	What is the purpose ?
	The purpose for what ?
	The purpose of what ?
	Is it thought or is it feeling ?
	What else remains ?
	A dance of all.

	One step... the birth.
	Two steps... birth and growth.
	Three steps... birth, growth, life.
	Four steps... and death.
	Feel the rhythm and dance !

	Perfectly synced.
	Perfectly matched.
	Coherent complexity.
	A dance of infinity.

For us, the world is dancing.

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