A Life of Curiosity

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(15 July 2018)
A life of curiosity
is a life of unknown,
	for all of us.
It's a life we create
	again and again.
It's a life we must create
	and recreate.

A life of curiosity
is a life of intention,
	the intention
		to do something
			without reward,
			or any award,
				without following
					any given path.

A life of curiosity
cannot be forced,
	it comes naturally
		without effort.
		The only effort
			is in stopping it
				from coming

A life of curiosity
is a belief,
	an attitude,
		a risk,
			a hope,
				the only hope.
				Because if not,
				what else do we have ?

A life of curiosity
is silence,
				and action.
It is flow,
	a flow into unknown
and back.

A life of curiosity
is what we find
	when we look
		outside of
			our solid walls,
			our solid beliefs,
			our comfort zone.

A life of curiosity
is happening
	right now
It's in the ground,
	in the grass,
		in the trees,
			above them,
			between them,
It's in the forest,
	in the sea,
		in the cities,
			in the sky,
				on this planet
				and far away from it,

A life of curiosity
has happened
	and will happen.
The question is
	what do we make of it ?
Do we join
	or do we stay
		uninvolved ?
	Can we stay
		uninvolved ?

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