The Storyteller

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(13 July 2018)
The mind is nothing,
the mind can be anything.
A storyteller.

	The story of mind,
	self-written and self-acted.
	By mind and for mind.

Story of itself
is what mind is obsessed with.
All about itself.

	Different kinds of mind
	make different kinds of stories.
	As they understand.

Narrative gets better
with time, as brain develops.
Knowledge brings beauty.

	The mind and the brain,
	subjective or objective.
	See it as you may.

All is but knowledge,
subjective or objective.
Two side, just one coin.

	Knowledge is like ink
	for mind to do the writing.
	Grandiose artist.

The story is art,
painted by mind for itself.
Canvas and artist.

	Necessary things
	have necessary stories.
	Value is given.

Art is a symbol,
a symbol with great value.
Value for the mind.

	Happiness the word
	is happiness the symbol.
	A symbol of mind.
To seek happiness
has the utmost importance.
The happy story.

	A happy person,
	persona, mask, the hero.
	A great adventure.

Nothing is needed
to be happy or carefree.
Just a good story.

	Perception of life
	is given through the story.
	As happy or sad.

To die or to live
are all about the story.
The mind does not care.

	Death is terrible
	for that which it represents.
	The end of story.

We all love stories,
both to tell and to listen.
We love what we are.

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