Hidden Fire

Hidden Fire
(6 July 2018)
In the Realm of Shadows,
there is Smoke.
It is caused by Fire,
	Flames, many of them,
the Flames from which
	Light and Shadows stem.

Where Shadows are born,
there, the Watcher
watches the Light
	and watches the Shadows,
observing the play
	of Light and Shadows.

Where Shadows emerge,
now, a Smoke
is strong and is vast
	and grows in might,
beginning to block
	the Watcher's sight.

		In the Realm of Shadows,
		now, a Scream:
		Where are you,
			Hidden Fire ?
		My urge to find you
			is getting dire !

		Where Shadows are born,
		there, the Watcher:
		How else the Shadows
			could acquire
		such strength, if not for you,
			Hidden Fire ?

		Where Shadows emerge,
		now, the Scream:
		These are no Shadows !
			It does transpire.
		It's but your Smoke,
			you bastard Fire !

In the Realm of Shadows,
there are Flames.
They rise and shine and die, 
bringing Light and Shadows, 

Where Shadows bring Light,
there is always Smoke,
mostly weak, 
	of little or no concern.
But it will be, 
	as long as Fire will burn.

Where Shadows stir Wind,
the Watcher decides
which Shadows to block
	and which to allow,
controlling the story
	of why, what, how.

		In the Realm of Shadows,
		the Scream is loud:
		The Realm collapses !
			Where are you Fire ?
		To find what's hidden,
			what would require ?

		Where Shadows bring Light,
		now, it is Darkness.
		You bastard Fire,
			it's all but your fault !
		Don't you see Light
			coming to a halt ?

		Where Shadows stir Wind,
		a desperate Scream:
		Am I forced
			to destroy all motion
		and sink the Realm
			into deep Ocean ?

In the Realm of Shadows,
a Hidden Fire
is hidden from Watcher,
	at first,
until the Smoke is born
	and dispersed.

Where Shadows are born,
the Realm is fragile.
It is based on Shadows,
	Light and Flames
and strongly on what
	the Watcher proclaims.

Where Shadows emerge,
the Scream is drama.
For Watcher, the Realm 
	is but everything,
a kingdom of which
	the witness is king.

		In the Realm of Shadows,
		the Light still flows.
		I will never 
			stop searching for you !
		Your own existence
			is my main clue.

		Where Shadows are born,
		there, the Wind blows.
		And I will find you,
			you bastard Fire !
		I know the hidden
			is but a liar !

		Where Shadows emerge,
		a final Scream:
		A Hidden Fire,
			a Fire like all others !
		This Realm I watch
			is full of wonders !

In the Realm of Shadows,
there is always Wind
whenever is Smoke,
	together turning
into new Shadows
	and more Flames burning.

Where Shadows bring Light,
Light brings Shadows,
an endless process,
	hidden from view,
the cause to which
	confusion is due.

Where Shadows stir Wind,
Shadows are endless.
They build the Realm 
	as they unfold,
building themselves,
	as new from old.

In the Realm of Shadows,
they are all heroes:
	Shadows			true knowledge
	Smoke	 			false knowledge mistaken as true
	Light				learning and creation of knowledge
	Fire					human thinking
	Flames				human thoughts
	Hidden Fire			false thinking
	Watcher 			inner perception and narrative
	Scream				inner monologue
	Wind				insight into the false
	Darkness 			mental confusion
	Ocean	 			blank mind and tranquility
	Realm of Shadows 	human mind
acting as mirrors,
outside the Realm of Shadows.

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