Planetary Organism

(19 June 2018)
The atom and the gene.
Evolutionary scene.
The cell.
Evolution as well.
Organ. Body. Animal.
Primitive, then rational.
The man.
The group and the society.
Exponential variety.
Earth. The humanity.
All as a whole.
A planetary organism.

Humans. Microscopic detail.
Cells. Planetary scale.
A pattern repeated.

Genes. Chemical reactions.
Memes. Human interactions.
A pattern repeated.

Thought and mind and brain.
Pleasure and pain.
To seek. To maintain.
The same primary basis.
With different mechanisms.
For different organisms.
A perfect order.
An inner order.

Good or evil. Right or wrong.
Mechanisms all along.
The value and the meaning.
The conscious redeeming.
Of homeostasis.
Of humans.

New intelligence. Exponentially high.
Artificial butterfly.
Emerging soon.
From humanity's cocoon.

Planetary beings connecting.
Planetary dynamics selecting.
Through planetary pluralism.
A cosmic organism.

Perception. Patterns.
Understanding what matters.
Real and imagined.


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