Towards What

(13 June 2018)
To discover:
	There the object has to be
	for the observer to see.
	As the latter comes around,
	the observed will soon be found.

To create:
	The observer has the zeal
	to have that which is not real.
	Once the process is complete,
	the observed becomes concrete.

To emerge:
	The observer and observed
	must be present, unconfirmed.
	When the latter does appear,
	their relationship is clear.

So the question can become:
How does the perception come ?
What is real, always there,
observing fully aware ?
	What is the observer ?

Or to ask the other way:
What is coming into play ?
What can come into existence,
from nothingness to consistence ?
	What is the observed ?

What is real...
What exists...
	If united as a whole,
	unfolding without control
	seems to be.

Towards what ?

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