The Right Importance

(18 May 2018)
We, the world, 
shall learn to understand...

	How do we decide our actions ?
	Do we count on knowledge fractions
	built from different small abstractions
	of the world we see around,
	boring as the dust on ground,
	or magical, deep, profound ?

We shall learn to observe...

	Why do we exaggerate,
	spending time to elaborate
	grand stories to fascinate
	those with whom we collaborate ?
	Can this be the only way
	to bring energy into play ?

We shall learn to think...

	If we know what importance is,
	then why do we constantly miss
	to assign importance to this ?
	How many problems are there
	due to what value we declare
	to them, without being aware ?

We shall learn to transform...

	Is that which we try to tame,
	the importance, always the same ?
	Or is it changing, frame by frame,
	as evolution plays its game ?
	Are we ready to adjust
	and give value to a new must ?

We shall learn the right importance.

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