New Knowledge

(January 2018)
I see those who think they know
well enough from what they saw.
I see how they think they got
enough knowledge. Do they not?
I see why they learn no more,
too afraid to change their core.
I see how they start to fade
as the world starts to upgrade.
	I see you.

Do they see how all this change
will soon force them to exchange
what they got left, even more,
for the chance to keep the floor
beneath them, same as before,
igniting their inner war,
pushing them into despair
with no hope, nothing, nowhere.
	Do you see?

There is still so much to learn
as you grow and start to earn
your own way to join us all,
us, who wait the past to fall,
us, who have a brand new goal
to accomplish and enroll
in the new flow that is now
transforming the what, the how.
	By learning.

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