Love Letter

Dear LOVE,

	Though it is late and you are probably lazy
	to read my words,
	which are probably crazy,
	and boring and nasty,
	but still...
	This world is going crazy day after day,
	which makes me wonder
	"Why would you stay
	in such a foolish way,
	blinded by an illusion,
	a tiny fusion
	between joy and pleasure
	and your own belief?"
	And then again, with every year,
	I hear your name,
	your fame
	gets celebrated in that special day...
	"Why does it need a day?"
	I ask full of surprise
	hoping that someone
	will realize all this nonsense that goes
	around our lives
	and flows
	like a bloody river inside our minds.
	Then you may say
	"What are you talking about?
	Don’t you like the day
	when every boy and girl
	gather together,
	ignoring the weather,
	to share their hopes and wishes
	and swear to be happy forever?"
	But then I shout
	"Get out
	of my mind, of my memory,
	and never come back!"
	Of course I lack
	both support and confidence
	that you will ever give up
	and those who believe in LUCK
	will ever betray you.
	And don’t you dare
	to act like you would care
	about me,
	saying "You are sad
	because you are alone,
	which makes you mad
	and angry
	on every boy and girl
	that gather together,
	ignoring the weather,
	to smile forever" !
	But your "forever" becomes a "never"
	when the cruel time
	cuts the link between joy and pleasure,
	deleting your precious treasure
	for good.
	Then you may cry and scream
	"Why did this happen?" ,
	when the boy will throw you away
	for money and fame,
	while the girl will build you again,
	counting on her belief
	for the weakest relief
	of your existence.
	And so,
	where is your purity and power
	from every flower
	and every kiss
	that every boy and girl
	were sharing together...
	"Was it supposed to last forever?"
	is my last question, though it is obvious
	that nothing in this world,
	no matter how grandiose
	it may look,
	lasts more than a book...
	Read again and again,
	at first it is beautiful, but then,
	it gets boring.
	And so will you, with your foolish games
	that every boy and girl
	are playing
	and saying
	"They will always be joyful !" ,
	mostly in that day,
	that special day of yours...
	But it is painful
	and you don’t care,
	neither do I, as I prefer
	to end my letter here,
	in fear,
	that you might even understand
	my secret message within the lines,
	hidden in sand
	of words and rhymes...

	Take care my friend
	and care about what you are saying
	and doing now
	and in the end,
	good bye.

Your old friend,

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