(December 2017)
I am curious.
Curious and furious.

I see ideas, colors.
I see powers.
	To be used.

So many, so vast.
Ways to change the past.
	To rebuild it.

I am savvy and wild.
Playing like a child.
	With the world.

I imagine and I summon.
Not the common.
	But the new.

So beautiful, so nice.
Controlling the dice.
	Of your life.

I am kind, I am warm.
Without form.
	I am flow.

I just come, I just go.
Not to know.
	But to learn.

So awesome, so high.
Up to the sky.
	Are my hopes.

I am crazy, even lazy.
I create a new state.
	For this world.

For my world...
For your world...
	And you ?

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