(11 June 2018)
Co-evolving organisms.

	I act, you act, we act.
	I grow, you grow, we grow.
	I live, you live, we live.

	I split, you split, we split.
	I kill, you kill, we kill.
	I die, you die, we die.

Co-emerging systems.

	What do we think ?
	What there is to think.
	What do we see ?
	What there is to see.
	What do we be ?
	What there is to be.
	That which is.

	How do we love ?
	As we and as love.
	How do we rule ?
	As we and as rule.
	How do we flow ?
	As we and as flow.
	The way it is.

Co-existing absolutes.

	I see life, you see death.
	We see both.
	I see joy, you see pain.
	We see both.
	I see good, you see evil.
	We see both.
	As two.

	I know the me, you know the you.
	We know both.
	I grow myself, you grow yourself.
	We grow both.
	I have my self, you have your self.
	We have both.
	As one.

Together and separate,
that which is the way it is,
as two and as one,
co-evolves, co-emerges and co-exists.

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